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I can't believe it's 2AM. I've never stayed in the office this late before. So much work to do and no desire to schlep home when I was done. But it'll be harder now. The commute home will be unpleasant.

It's raining, but it's pretty warm for the first day of winter. Being outside won't be so bad.
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Message from Mother Nature?

If the tornadoes last year, the earthquake and Hurricane Irene were messages from G0d that we're evil sinners for approving gay marriage and the like, what kind of message is G0d trying to send when Rick Perry declares he's running for President, and suddenly half his state is engulfed in hellfire?

Disaster Tourism begins at home

I was taking a nap yesterday afternoon when BOOM! I was woken up by what sounded like an explosion of thunder.

All of the sudden it was raining so hard it was coming in through the window and onto my face.

The storm forced me out of bed. I slammed my window shut and unplugged my computers. I washed my face and got dressed and before I was done it was all over.

I went on Facebook to post a quick mention of this and noticed other people had already updated with the news - tornadoes had hit Kew Gardens Hills, and seemingly most of Queens.

It went from dead quiet after the storm to real loud in a few short minutes.

I ventured outside. Tree branches were down everywhere and there were sirens in every direction. People were yelling off down on Main Street, and closer by everyone who was home was emerging to find out what happened. Greetings were passed to neighbors one hardly talks to, and we were all relieved to see that none of the trees on our block had fallen, and nothing was crushed, and the branches that had fallen weren't blocking the road.

The next block down, away from Main St. wasn't so lucky. Trees were down at the other end of the block, and cars were dangerously backing out to escape the trap. I ran to the next block and checked our car, which was parked in our Aunt & Uncle's driveway because of alternate side parking/street cleaning. Just past their house, a large branch had come down right in the middle of the road, blocking it. I backed out and got back to my corner and waited several minutes until there was an opening for me to drive my car down the wrong way to get to one of the open parking spots.

After that, I checked in again, made sure certain people were alright, and then walked around to see the extent of the damage.

Today, the streets of Queens are a maze, with leafy roadblocks around any corner, and if you want to get anywhere, you plan out your drive on foot first. I got the car back to my parents with some careful planning.

(It's almost YK, so I have to cut this off. Hopefully, I'll get around to telling all the various small and large things I saw as I traveled the neighborhood.)
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Hottest day in 9 years? My suspicions are confirmed. The last few summers haven't been that hot.
Today was only 100.

The plants are not just wilting, some of the leaves look like they've spontaneously combusted.
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How many major rain storms have we had so far? 3? 4? Record rainfall, and it's not even April yet. Much more of this and Long Island will just float at to sea.

I hope this year doesn't turn out like last year, and it just rains from April straight through to mid-August. I'd like a real summer this year.
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Storms a'comin

All the kids getting off the school buses were dancing and screaming "No Class Tomorrow!"

Looks like we're gonna get a direct hit from this one, to make up for last weekend's storm totally missing us. Good, I could use a day off from getting all grimy and pulling every muscle twice.

Not a-&@$#-gain

So I was in another car accident tonight.
And it wasn't even because of the blizzard.

I had just left qotcpcf and was driving another guest home on Queens Blvd. I was stopped at a red light, when an Access-A-Ride van tried to pass me in the parking lane while going 40mph. There wasn't enough room, so he smashed off the left sideview mirror.

No one seems to be hurt, and the damage is minor, and it's not my fault at all, and I have witnesses. But I'm still pissed off. I've consoled myself with the idea that I was only due one accident a year until now - but this is the second one this year!

I really think I've had enough of them for this lifetime.