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The turnout for the runoffs in my neighborhood was actually slightly higher then for the primaries. My district and the booth next to it both got ten+ more votes. Perhaps the papers constant complaining about the low turnout had some effect.
Jenny's district had a lower turnout, though. But both had the vast majority of votes go to Yassky and Green. Virtually everyone I've talked to through out the city was voting for Yassky and Green.
And yet they seem to have lost, and the union/WFP machine candidates won.
Looks like glowing endorsements from all the major papers and politicians don't get candidates as many votes as the unions pushing their members to the polling booths.
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Primary day

I'm kinda of shocked by the pathetic turnout in the primaries yesterday.
I was the last one to vote in my polling booth, and I was only the 44th person. That's a third of a major election.

But this is a major election. For all citywide offices besides the Mayor, this pretty much IS the election, since there's going to be no real Republican opposition candidates. And the Comptroller and Public Advocate race are close enough to warrant a runoff. (Which will probably have an even lower turn out.)

The Manhattan District Attorney is a position of great importance and media attention, not to mention your own character in the Law & Order series. The incumbent is stepping down after decades in office.
And yet the winner of the seat only got ~50,000 votes, in a borough of 1 million people. That doesn't seem right.
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I went to vote right before the polls closed. As I stood in line with all the other last minute people, I overheard them talking...

It seems like everyone in my neighborhood but me voted for Hillary. But a lot of people seemed unhappy with their choices. People were saying things like "The Democratic Party doesn't represent us the way it did 20 years ago." One young man in line was actually a registered Republican, and after expressing their shock, others mentioned how they've started to vaguely consider doing the same.

As the polls closed, I asked how many people voted in our ED/AD voting booth. The final tally was 115 Democrats, 16 Republicans. Sadly, not the huge turnout that was predicted. I'm sure the general elections will do much better.