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Random musing on a video game commercial

We really are the post-modernist generation.

In the old days they'd have commercials where "square" and "unhip" parents (actors) would express disapproval of the latest youth trend to subtly entice kids to buy it.

An ad campaign for the game Dead Space 2 is pulling this old trope out, but they aren't even trying to hide the manipulation.

The very first sentence of the first clip of their campaign is "A mom's disapproval has always been an accurate barometer of what is cool. So Dead Space 2 was put to the test".

They them mention they specifically did pretend market research "in the heart of Conservative America" looking for the most uptight soccer moms and baby boomer grannies they could find.

And then showed them video clips of the nastiest parts of the video game and filmed their reactions.

...and then filmed their reactions when they were told it was all a big joke and they got all furious.

Post-modernism and Baby Boomer torture all in one. Video Games don't go for typical ad campaigns.
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Something different - a video game critique

I've never written about video games in my LJ before (despite enjoying them all my life) but, then again, I've rarely got to play through a new game right when it came out before, and talk about it when everyone else is talking about it. I've been very console deprived throughout my life, and never had a computer powerful enough to run the latest games.

But my brother purchased an Xbox 360 when he got back from Iraq, and while we've mostly been buying the best games of the last few years at half price, a few games were exciting enough to buy right at release. The first was the recent Batman game, which was pretty uncontroversial - there's only so many ways all the reviewers in the world can say "This game is awesome", and my only original comments were petty fanboy quibblings. The second, last week, was Modern Warfare 2, and it's that I want to talk about.

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Earthbound 2/Mother 3 translation is out!!!!


I'm not a gamer, but I'm childishly excited over suddenly discovering this.

ETA: It took a little time, but I've got it up and running now! Yay!!