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Every single sleeping pill or aid that will put me out but not leave me a zombie in the morning has stopped working.

I had to be up early today, couldn't get tired last night.

I had to be up early yesterday, but first stayed out late, (totally worth it) and then still couldn't get sleepy.

Both days I spent hours on my feet, and wore myself out, but still wasn't tired.

I have to be up early tomorrow, and at 4AM on Tuesday.

Tonight I'm going to have to try the dreaded "go to bed at midnight, lie there, and pray for sleep" technique. Hopefully combined with warm milk/tea, and a shower, it'll cut the waiting to fall asleep time to less then 2 hours.

An abrupt change in tone

I've been noticing a disturbing change in my dreams lately. I rarely have nightmares - scary dreams, yes, but those are enjoyable in the same way that watching a horror movie is fun.
But recently, there's been a trend of dreams taking a turn for the much worse right at the very end.

The night before last, at the end of a long pleasant dream, I was on a lush grassy hilltop enjoying a community party with loads of random people. After a while, I wander to a U-shaped cliff edge and look down, admiring the view.

And then a sweet little girl playing nearby slips off the edge. I watch as she falls, her body bouncing off the sides, getting more broken and bloody with each hit, dead before she even hits the ground far below.
An old lady sitting nearby looks at me calmly, and tells me "Don't worry, her parents can make more."

And then I wake up, unable to fall asleep again.