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Watched Zach and Miri make a Porno with my friend Bird. It got me thinking about a lot of things, but I forgot about all the when I started watching the deleted scenes, because it got me thinking about why so many deleted scenes don't seem to have a reason for being cut out - often having interesting visuals, or great dialoge, or are necessary to explain certain things that happen later in the movie and don't make as much sense without them.

This movie is an especially egregious offender. There's 45 cut scenes, over an hour and a half total - as long as the movie itself. (Which is pretty awesome in it's own right - there are lots of DVDs that skimp on extras like that) And while some are just different riffs on the same scenes, and some suck and are better off dead and gone, there are a few scenes in there that are as funny as anything actually in the movie. That's along with the ones that just advance the plot or flesh out characters that were otherwise paper thin, or that make references or shots that occur later in the movie make sense because you now have the context.

What's up with that? Why do so many cuts seem like they'd be better off let in, and, if time or flow was the issue, have lamer scenes removed instead? A few movies have directors commentary which explains the decision, but that's rare. Any films buffs have any insights they can share with me?
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"So, did you and Ginny do it?"

The 6th Harry Potter movie was just as comptetently and skillfully made and acted as the other movies, and was a joy to behold. They included my favorite scene, and the only glaring omission was how little was done with the Half-Blood Prince subplot, given that it's the very title of the movie.
I was surprised by how much innuendo was in the movie, though it did fit the characters ages. I was also surprised by the constant underage drinking in the film. (though it is set in the UK.)
What I'm most (happily) surprised about is that no one seems to be complaining about this.

Aside: Did anyone else notice the utter lack of school uniforms this year? Ginny and Harry's relative heights changing through out the movie? How about Draco's haircut? I wonder if that was intentional, or caused by the length of time the filming took.
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I don't normally do movie reviews on here, but I have to talk about this one:

The quote in my previous post comes from the movie Matewan. My brother saw the movie a few months ago, and ever since has been pestering me to watch it. I got it from Netflix, but I kept putting off watching it. A Social-Realist movie about trying to unionize coal miners in the 1920s wasn't a concept that really excited me.

But I finally watched it. And holy $#@&, was my brother right.

This movie is AWESOME. It's beautifully shot, vaguely like a film noir. The script is great, the plotline is great, and it's all historically accurate, too - almost everything in the movie actually happened. It's incredibly acted, and the villains are INSANELY creepy - Kevin Tighe especially gives a performance that makes your skin crawl at the same time you want to give him a high five for being so self-assured and badass while surrounded by heavily armed people who hate him.

When my brother called from Iraq on Veterans Day, I told him I saw it, and thanked him for bugging me until I watched it. And now I'm going to do the same to you. See this movie - you won't regret it.