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"Is this really your life? I thought things like that only happened to people in sitcoms."

Last week was insane. I had dozens of bad things happen to me, only a fraction of which I talked about on Facebook. Some of them were rather bizarre and out there. All of them happening in the same week was even more bizarre. This week has been much better, though - even had some good luck.

Been working almost literally non-stop this week, working all night, then working all day at a different job, then working all night again, and so on. Can't wait for yuntif to start, so I can rest.
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Day of Atonement

Sadly, no time for anything deep or insightful this year, despite what's in my head.

Just this:

To anyone and everyone I've intentionally or unintentionally hurt, insulted, irritated, or annoyed, I'm sorry. I will try harder next year - especially on the unintentional part.
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Happy New Year everyone! Shana Tova!

I'm about to head out for synagogue, to experience the New Year in a New City for once.

Talk to you all in a few days!

May you all have a wonderful 5771!!!
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Shana Tova everyone!!

I went to the ENT specialist for a third time yesterday. I'm finally starting to feel better, though I'm not all the way there yet, but the swelling in my throat has gone down and I'm feeling less feverish.
They finally got permission to run a couple of tests, but they didn't come up with anything. After being on bedrest and anti-biotics for over two weeks, what ever was the first cause of this is probably gone.
So there's no definite diagnosis, but they're going with "Upper respiratory infection exacerbated by declining temperatures and allergies".

After two weeks of what could almost pass for something like summer, the temperature has crashed here and is still dropping. It was in the 50s last night. And ragweed season has started. The doctor mentioned (and I've been hearing elsewhere) that this is likely to be the WORST SEASON in recorded history, thanks to the lack of heat and non-stop rains this summer. My allergies are certainly the worst they've been since I had my deviated septum fixed almost a decade ago.
(Fun fact: The ENT doctor I saw yesterday is the same one who did the surgery.)

The doctor warned me that even though the primary cause was probably gone/cured by now, the constant irritation from allergies will keep things from healing quickly, and the weakening immune system caused by that and the cold weather will leave me open to further illness. So I have to be careful for the next few weeks.

Two weeks is way to long to be sick for. Now I'm behind on everything. And the New Year is right upon us, and the holiday season is just starting. It's going to be very hard to catch up now.
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UnChristmas Gathering

I've been toying with the idea of a gathering for those of us who, for whatever reason, aren't celebrating Christmas.

The general idea would be to spread warmth and good cheer - to each other. And pretend that Christmas doesn't exist. With an emphisis on avoiding the horribly repetitive Christmas music playing in what feels like every store you walk into in most Christan neighborhoods.

To that end, we would meet up for lunch in Flushing (last stop on the 7 train for non-Queens people) - probably Dim Sum or the buffet. (Which is half off now, REALLY CHEAP. But also constantly packed.) Being an Asian neighborhood, Christmas is practically non-existent here - but there's awesome food everywhere.

After we're all stuffed, a few hours wandering around Flushing seeing all the awesome stores.

Then, the bus back to Kew Gardens Hills, (the next neighborhood to the South) and dinner. Being a Jewish neighborhood, Christmas is also non-existent here - and there's also awesome food everywhere.

Following, we'd retire to my apartment for movies, booze, and what ever else we'd feel like doing until people want to go home or go to sleep.

If you're interested, comment here or get in touch with me in any of the usual ways.