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Blarg - vaugely minor TMI

I've been feeling oddly sick since the blizzard. I threw up multiple times that night. Nothing I ate should have caused it, in fact, I really haven't had much of an appetite the last week despite all the physical labor.

Since then, I've been nauseous and headachey and sleeping a lot more then normal. It's lessening, but still there.

I had just been to the doctor the day before for a standard checkup and bloodwork, so we'll see if that turns up anything.

Hope it gets better soon, I have two weddings tomorrow, plus squeezing in seeing a relative who's stopping over in NYC for a day on her way from Israel to Chicago.
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Hapless and Helpless

Nearly a month lying in bed... followed by a weekend of religious dancing on Simchas Torah... followed by having to run like hell to catch my flight when some presents in my carry on fell under the prohibited liquids list led to a brief detention and search... made worse by my gate being all the way at the other end of the terminal... (all of the above done in dress shoes)... followed by walking for 3 miles yesterday exploring the immediate area of Port Charlotte.

I woke up this morning with excruciating charlie horse. For once, something on my leg hurts worse then my knee - namely all of both upper legs and the back part of both lower legs. It's been so long since I've had charlie horse, I'm not sure when the last time was. I also have a blister on the outer side of each fourth (ring?) toe. Fortunately, stretches, time, and painkillers eased it, and I can walk regular distances again. Hopefully it'll continue feeling better tomorrow, there's a lot of walking I want to do.

more crap

So yesterday I was supposed to go back to the ENT for more tests to determine why I've been getting so sick all month.
But in the morning, I got a call from the office telling me the appointment was canceled because not only were they unable to get approval for the testing - but they were informed that my insurance has been canceled as of that day.
This is after all the hours I put into getting it renewed, not to mention catching what ever the hell this was that laid me low for nearly a month while waiting all day at the health headquarters just to submit a few forms.

There's nothing I can do until I get the letter telling me that my insurance has been rescinded, and more importantly, why. I couldn't guess why, as I jumped through every hoop they put in front of me, but I do remember the last time this happened, it was because of a typo on the part of some unknown bureaucrat, and it took me 6 months to get my coverage back.
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Health Update

I've been meaning to write this all week, but I've been too stressed/sick/busy. Thanks to these illnesses, I'm a month behind on everything. I specifically mention this because of the wonderful responses to my Yom Kippur post, each of which deserves a thoughtful response from myself in turn, if I can find the time to do it.

Last week, I felt better a day or two, then started feeling worse again. Instead of the right side of my throat hurting and swelling up, the left side was doing it. I had a followup with the doctor already scheduled, so I went in and had myself checked over. He checked me out and sent me back to the ENT specialist, this time with a day's warning so tests could be pre-approved.
So last Friday I went back to the ENT, and they ran a whole bunch more tests on me.
And sticking that video tube down my nose and into my throat again, they discovered that I now have Sinusitus.

They ran the same test last week and didn't find this - this is something new. I'm sick yet again. And now on a whole new round of antibiotics, my third in as many weeks.

But this was a week ago, and I seem to be getting better. I'm still feeling crappy most of the time, and occasioanlly feverish, and my allergies are murder, but I'm on my feet and slowly working through a three week backlog of things that need to be dome. But the allergies and dropping temperatures are making getting better a challege. When the temperature dropped to the 40s yesterday and barely went up, I was sick and utterly miserable all day, and wound up shivering in bed for half of it.

So on that note, I'm planning on going to Florida after the holidays are over. Get away from the cold, and more importantly, get away from the allergens while ragweed season is at its worse. Give my body a chance to heal.

And to see my friends, of course.

So, to all of you in Florida, you're on notice. Get in touch with me, we'll plan.

I can't breathe

First I go to get my health insurance renewed, and I catch an infection that sickens me for weeks.
Now that I'm getting over it, I spend two days in synagogue praying for good health, and there I catch a cold.

The irony is not lost on me.
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Shana Tova everyone!!

I went to the ENT specialist for a third time yesterday. I'm finally starting to feel better, though I'm not all the way there yet, but the swelling in my throat has gone down and I'm feeling less feverish.
They finally got permission to run a couple of tests, but they didn't come up with anything. After being on bedrest and anti-biotics for over two weeks, what ever was the first cause of this is probably gone.
So there's no definite diagnosis, but they're going with "Upper respiratory infection exacerbated by declining temperatures and allergies".

After two weeks of what could almost pass for something like summer, the temperature has crashed here and is still dropping. It was in the 50s last night. And ragweed season has started. The doctor mentioned (and I've been hearing elsewhere) that this is likely to be the WORST SEASON in recorded history, thanks to the lack of heat and non-stop rains this summer. My allergies are certainly the worst they've been since I had my deviated septum fixed almost a decade ago.
(Fun fact: The ENT doctor I saw yesterday is the same one who did the surgery.)

The doctor warned me that even though the primary cause was probably gone/cured by now, the constant irritation from allergies will keep things from healing quickly, and the weakening immune system caused by that and the cold weather will leave me open to further illness. So I have to be careful for the next few weeks.

Two weeks is way to long to be sick for. Now I'm behind on everything. And the New Year is right upon us, and the holiday season is just starting. It's going to be very hard to catch up now.
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fever ramblings

So it's more then a week later and I'm still sick. I'm not bedridden anymore, and my fever is down to a low burn; my throat still hurts and is swollen but not as bad; I have some appetite and some energy.
The energy is almost a curse - I'm going stir crazy at this point, I want to go out and do something, anything, that isn't sitting in a doctors office and I can't; there's so much to do and I can't go do it.

I tried calling the ENT specialist all weekend, and into Monday, but the office was closed. Tuesday I reverted to calling my doctor, as he instructed me too, but apparently he was swamped with the backup from the weekend, and I couldn't get though to him until Wednesday (yesterday). I was told to come in, and after sitting and waiting for an hour, he took one look at my throat and immediately sent me to the same ENT specialist office I had been trying to make an appointment with all weekend. (This was especially frustrating as I had a list of other things I needed to ask him, and he wouldn't let me - which means once I'm better, yet another hour wasted fidgeting in a waiting room.)
He also told me that the strep test came back from the lab negative, which means they're not even sure what I have.

So I catch a bus down to the ENT office, and after yet another long wait, I was seen by someone I never saw before. But it turns out that my insurance won't cover any specialist tests on such short notice, so all she does is hear my story and write prescriptions, and have me make a follow up appointment for next Tuesday. She couldn't tell me what I had, she just offered guesses. She also said that the antibiotics I was already on weren't very useful for throat infections, and that might be part of why I'm still sick. I've been ordered to take it easy for another few days, as I watch what's left of this mockery of a summer tick away.

The new antibiotics I'm on are HUGE giant horse pills, bigger even then vitamin pills. I've never seen pills that huge, much less have to swallow them. I really hope they work; this illness is driving me crazy.
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Pica chew

It's not unusual for me to get a bit sick when the temperatures crash, but it's worse then that this time. I have a fever and flu symptoms, and spent most of the day lying sick in bed. Hope I'm better tomorrow, otherwise I'll go to the doctor.

Yesterday, I had to go into Manhattan to renew my health insurance. After standing in line for almost two hours, (my knee still aches!) I finally got a number and took a seat. I went to go to the bathroom, and when I got back, I found a little toddler had crawled over from several seats away and was EATING MY BOOK. No exaggeration, there are bite marks on the cover and the kid was blankly chewing on paper while his (her? hard to tell) mother was paying attention to her other kids.

It's a good thing I didn't bring the book I had planned to, that I had borrowed from a friend a few days earlier, but rather one that came from my grandmother's library and wouldn't need to be replaced. But it was an old book with a little bit of sentimental value. On the other hand, I can see where the kid was coming from. Well aged paper tastes extra yummy.

No Sakura Mitsuda for me...

My temperature last week, while I was really feeling sick: 98.6°.

Yesterday, as I started feeling somewhat better: 97.2°.

Today: 96.8°.

I'm improving, though I'm still coughing constantly and my right eye is getting puffed up.

I haven't taken my temperature in years and years. When I was a kid, I got sick a lot, and my parents seemed to base their decision on if I should be sent to school entirely on if I had a fever (i.e. over 100°). Once I got to college, I could make that decision myself, and based it on how healthy I felt, and as such stopped bothering to take my temperature. (I also started getting sick much less - probably due to a combination of far less stress and misery along with not having to wake up at 6AM every single morning.) I do remember noticing when I was young that I never ever had a temp of 98.6°...