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I was, suddenly, this night, offered a free right down to Boca Raton, Florida, on Sunday.

With the weather finally gorgous here, I feel none of the my typical winter urge to flee to Florida.

But perhaps, with some luck, this person will take a liking to driving between the two cities and I could catch a ride another time.
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Strange Native Rituals

So I have almost completed my time among these gentle Floridians. Today I observed one of the strangest rituals practiced by the residents of Miami. They all gather at the chosen one's house to play video games. But instead of playing multiplayer games or trading off, one person plays a single player game and everyone else watches and comments. (and occasionally naps.) The game tonight was Brütäl Lëgënd, and the chosen player was me. With so many people cheering me on, I dared not falter or pause, much less take a bathroom break or dare suggest the heresy of playing another game. The game is hilarious and excellent and fun, so it wasn't much of a torture (especially compared to Pixel Guy a few nights earlier). But it was odd, not the sort of things I could not see many in my social group tolerating for more then a few minutes, much less an entire night. But it worked - I had a lot of fun, and it seemed to be some sort of bonding experience, and I felt a tiny bit like "one of the gang" at the end.

They don't seem to realize the gift they were born into, to reside in this magical world of eternal summer, where cold is just a myth, a story that happens to someone else in a far away land. They pump up the air conditioner even in the mild 70s nights, as if to experience this cold air they hear about. It leaves me, who's fled here to escape just such frigidy, shivering and covered in layers. But I can always retreat outside, where the wonderful warmth embraces me in a humid blanket once again.
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Hapless and Helpless

Nearly a month lying in bed... followed by a weekend of religious dancing on Simchas Torah... followed by having to run like hell to catch my flight when some presents in my carry on fell under the prohibited liquids list led to a brief detention and search... made worse by my gate being all the way at the other end of the terminal... (all of the above done in dress shoes)... followed by walking for 3 miles yesterday exploring the immediate area of Port Charlotte.

I woke up this morning with excruciating charlie horse. For once, something on my leg hurts worse then my knee - namely all of both upper legs and the back part of both lower legs. It's been so long since I've had charlie horse, I'm not sure when the last time was. I also have a blister on the outer side of each fourth (ring?) toe. Fortunately, stretches, time, and painkillers eased it, and I can walk regular distances again. Hopefully it'll continue feeling better tomorrow, there's a lot of walking I want to do.
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Spent the morning wandering around Port Charlotte. Walked about 3 miles. I seem to the be only pedestrian here - everyone else is driving. There aren't even any sidewalks, or shade trees by the side of the road. Had a delicious breakfast at a local diner, but it's amazing how far of a walk it is to get to anything. The weather is lovely, wonderfully hot and humid.

After eating, came across a women who had pulled over and called animal control. A baby racoon was lying in the middle of the road, clearly injured. Another lady came out of a nearby house and helped move it off the street and into some shade until the animal control officer got there and took it away. It'll probably be put to sleep, but that's better then getting run over a second time.

My knee is hurting - between dancing on Simchas Torah, running for the plane, and this walk, I've really been exerting it. And my allergies and throat and athsma are bothersome, though no where near as bad as back home. And the rest of me feels wonderful.
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The weather outside is delightful

Safely arrived in Florida. Had a very eventful morning. What follows is the entry I typed on the plane while trying to get the onboard wi-fi to work.

It's been a short but eventful day.
I'm typing this on the airplane, which I caught at the last second. They teased us with the promise of free wi-fi, but apparently you have to pay for most of it. The air in the cabin oscillates between freezing and painful or warm and overly dry.
I have an odd seat, but in a strange way, a good one. My original seat seems to have been taken by some very hip and nordic girls (possibly trans, I'm not sure) with some very well matched relaxingwear and lovely hairstyles. Not particularly caring about my assigned seat, I asked for the empty seats diagonally back from them. I'm sitting in a tiny blocked off section - just two rows of two chairs each. In front of me is a wall separating me from the steward/ess cabin, and the row behind me appears to be reserved for crew.
So, for the most part, I have an entire small corner of the plane all to my self. I can lean my seat back, I can put my feet up against the wall and try to nap. (If only I hadn't lost my travel pillow!) And most importantly, the other seat in my row is empty, so I can spread out, and I can put my fragile stuff there instead of crushing it in the overhead compartment.
But my window shows me nothing but a jet engine. Fortunately, I can see the window ahead of me before the wall, and watch as ghostly streams of unknown substance get sucked into the engine. The wing juts into my field of view, which, surprisingly, instead of being annoying, frames the ground with a wonderful triangle shape that makes certain features, like airfields, look all the prettier.

I wish there was some way to know what part of the world your airplane is flying over, so that when you look out the window, you would know what road and farms and towns you were looking at.

I wish I had thought to bring gum. Add that to the list of things not to forget next time. Along with my overcoat. It was warm enough today that I forgot to grab it while rushing out. I'll regret that on the ride home from the airport when I return.

The pilot just announced that temperature in Tampa is 88 degrees. In mid-October! PARADISE!
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long delayed...

Once again, I've slacked off on LJ, and once again, another 2 months have gone by, with the record of my life lost to the mists of time and memory.

As usual, something momentous and unpleasant that must be recorded came up, and it was to hard to just sit down and write it. So, as usual, I waited, and when there were other things to write, I didn't write them, because this needed to be written first. And, as usual, it finally got to the point where I sat down, and forced myself to write out a quick version of the narrative that's been running through my head on and off since then, so I can get on with my life and with this record of my life.

During my last trip to Florida, on my way to visit friends in Orlando, I got way way too close to being in another serious car accident.

I was in a nice rental car, passing by the Magic Kingdom. I was in the right lane, driving at the speed limit.

And right as I passed the exit, the car immediately to my left swerves into my lane.

He (she?) doesn't signal. He doesn't inch in slowly. The car just moves straight at me. There's no warning what so ever.

My increased and constant paranoia thoughout the entire trip paid off. I immediately swerved into the exit lane - I had been paying attention to the road, I knew there were no cars in it. I had to do it so quickly I lost control of the car for a moment. The other car followed me all the way into the exit lane, and then pulled out and accelerated down the highway as I fought to regain control of my car. Thank god, I did it without hitting anyone or anything. I never saw the other car again.

I had to pull over for a for a while to calm down. When I finally reached my friend Edi's house, she gave me a hug and exclaimed "You're shaking!"

...I'm shaking again just typing this.

Edi and her parents were wonderful, and gave me cigarettes and kittens to help me calm down. Eventually I felt up to driving again, and my day and trip went on.

But I'm still a tiny bit shaken up by this. And I kept meaning to write about it, kept having words run through my mind when I was nowhere near a computer, but I was never able to just sit down and do it.

Thank god, this car accident was just a near miss. I pray that all the rest will be near misses too.
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Guess what?

For the first time since the accident, I have good news!

I'm going to Florida.


Even better, certain friends are helping me out with the costs.

This whole trip has been very iffy from the start, but tickets were purchased last night, and soon I'll be back in the warmth again.

After my operation was postponed against my will, it seemed like the best way to make lemonade out of lemons.

It's not all fun, as I'll be paying a visit to my lawyer while I'm down there, and taking care of other things related to the accident.

But after all the constant stress and frustration of the last two months, it'll be nice to not have to worry about anything for a little bit.

Other then getting hit by a car again.

So here's a little prayer that for once, nothing will go wrong.

Send me good travel mojo.

I'll be mostly staying in Sarasota, but I'm planning on visiting Orlando and Miami, at the very least. I'm up to go anywhere, though. I've poked a lot of you in the area, but I haven't been able to reach all of you yet. So if you're reading this, leave a comment here or drop me a line by any of the usual methods and let me know.

I'll be back next week after Shabbos, just in time for the Goth Kill showing.