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Went to the doctor yesterday for routine follow ups.

I weighed in at 140 lbs. I've never been this heavy before. I'd be worried, but unlike when my weight ballooned after the accident, I haven't noticed many physical changes - I'm still fitting into the same clothes, and my body looks the same in the mirror. So I'm hoping that most of that weight gain in muscle, especially with the dozen PT leg exercises I've been doing.

The doctor also ordered a blood test to check my testosterone levels. I'm wondering why it never occurred to any of them to do it before.
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Follow up

I saw the doctor, and he said I might have whiplash. His offical diagnosis seems to be "Bad Luck". I asked him how many car accidents his average patient gets into in a lifetime - he said it was the same amount as get bitten by ticks in the city - zero. Appearently, I'm filling up other people's quotas now. He gave me more painkillers, to treat both this and my aching knee. Whoopie. No muscle relaxants, which is odd, since that's mostly what I had to use to treat whiplash last time. (Not to mention I'm not throughly sick and tired of them like I am with the Vicodin, and they have no bothersome side effects like opoiods do.)

I went to the physical therapist later for my regular visit to work on my knee, and as per doctor's instructions I had him check out my neck and shoulders too. His conclusion (echoed by the other PT there, who treated me for whiplash last time) is that I likely have some soft tissue damage, and probably whiplash. I'll probably get treated for both injuries at the same time, which is perversely convenient.

This is so frustrating. I hadn't completely healed from the whiplash from the 2005 accident when I got run over last year. And now, while I'm still healing from that, I get whiplash again!!!! I had just, in the last month, started doing things that for years I had been prevented from doing due to the whiplash, like crunches or riding a roller coaster.

The PT who treated me last time says he doesn't think this injury is nearly as bad as the previous; it's back to front instead of side to side, and it happened at a lower speed. At the same time, though, our car was stopped when we were hit, and I started hurting a lot quicker this time. But I'm also getting treated a lot faster, too. I just hope, either way, that I heal up real quickly. I can't stand be injured any more.
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Important News:

A few weeks back I had a second appointment with a new orthopedist. Noting that there's only been tiny improvements after a month of physical therapy and ice packs, he scheduled me for surgery.

I've gone for bloodtests and EKGs and a visit to my PCP, and I found out today that I've been cleared for surgery.

The surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 27th, at 10AM, at the NYU Medical Center. It's outpatient surgery, which means I'll be back home that night. It's supposed to heal quickly, so hopefully I won't be stuck in a wheelchair again for more then a week, and I should be able to dispense with the cane after a month.

I'll need another round or two of physical therapy again as well.

I'm actually excited about going under the knife.

I want to walk normally again.

I want to run again.

I want to live again.