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So I went to bed early, woke up before dawn, and since I had the car, I decided to start the day right by driving over to a 24-hour bagel place and getting a good breakfast.

Pulling up to the curb by the store, I bumped into a metal sewer grate jutting out and popped the front driver's tire. Not the best way to start a day.

Once again, having AAA proved to be worth every penny and more, as I couldn't get to the spare with several dozen pounds of waste brass on top of it on the trunk. They gave me a tow home, and later a tow to the tire shop.

Unfortunately, it started pouring while I was waiting for the second tow and continued pouring while I got the tires replaced.

On the plus side, we desperately needed a good rain storm here, and both front tires were pretty much stripped and needed to be replaced anyway, so this just forced me to get it done a little bit earlier then planned.

I remember the last time this happened, years ago, when I pulled up to the curb in front of a friend's house at just the wrong angle and burst a tire too. At least this time it made sense, given the sharp piece of metal I hit. The other time was more like a freak accident.
thoughtful, sad

Poor Engineering?

I spent a few hours today replacing the battery in the family car. I didn't expect it to be very hard - unhook the battery, pull it out, put in the new one, hook it up. But the battery in this car is under several pipes and pieces of supporting metal. All of these have to be unscrewed, unhooked, and removed to replace the battery, which then has to be wiggled out from under the piece of metal that can't be removed. (And, of course, once you're done, they all have to be carefully put back in place.)

By contrast, the recently deceased plumbing van, from which we cannibalized the replacement battery, had the battery right on top, with no obstructions what so ever. Unhook, remove, replace, you're done.

Is there any excuse for that sort of construction? Why would such an important and comparatively frequently accessed part be tucked under other random engine items?

The extra hours out in the cold do not seem to have been kind to my body. I'm feeling ill again. I'm going to take a nap - hopefully I'll feel better afterwards, since I have a concert to shoot tonight.