The Only Living Boy in New York (nightstalker) wrote,
The Only Living Boy in New York

While cleaning out my dresser and trying on pre-accident/post-accident clothing to see what fits, I found my workout sweatpants from college. They disappeared ages ago. No idea how they got to my second apartment when I haven't seen them since I still lived in my parents house.

Funny thing, they're actually slightly too big on me. I've been proud to have gotten myself down to my normal pre-accident weight over the last two years - but now I have evidence I've gotten beyond that, and am in better shape then I was in college!!

(...on the other hand, I got these sweats so I could take the Physical Conditioning class in college in the first place. So I wasn't in as good shape before hand. So I'm in better shape then I was before I learned how to work out in college?)
Tags: accident, fitness

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