The Only Living Boy in New York (nightstalker) wrote,
The Only Living Boy in New York

bad drivers

I almost had a freak out while driving tonight. A dump truck cut over three lanes to make it's stop and inconvenienced many drivers in the process, the one in the left lane ahead of me had to merge into my lane, and I had to slow down, as did the other cars were lined behind me.

I pull up past this truck that's stopped in the left lane, and as I'm a few yards away, the passenger opens his door in my face. I quickly check there's no cars in the next lane, it's half empty, and I swing half out of the lane (and more and I'd risk hitting the next car who was weaving slightly.)

As I'm about to pass the dump drunk, a mere foot or two away from his door, the garbage collected hopped out. If I hadn't been able to swerve I would have hit him.

I was shivering the whole ride home. I hope I'm not due an accident. I pray.

Side note: Later, I saw a car zoom speed through traffic. Then another. Then a Police prisioner bus (possibly unconnceted) then some undercovers flashing their lights, (only in the front), and soon a few more cars, no lights flashing, followed the same pattern.
None looked like typical undercover cars - they were all late model, very shiny and well cared for, and didn't have siren lights and antennas everywhere.

What could it have beem?
Tags: accident, fed, near, weirdness
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