The Only Living Boy in New York (nightstalker) wrote,
The Only Living Boy in New York

Not a-&@$#-gain

So I was in another car accident tonight.
And it wasn't even because of the blizzard.

I had just left qotcpcf and was driving another guest home on Queens Blvd. I was stopped at a red light, when an Access-A-Ride van tried to pass me in the parking lane while going 40mph. There wasn't enough room, so he smashed off the left sideview mirror.

No one seems to be hurt, and the damage is minor, and it's not my fault at all, and I have witnesses. But I'm still pissed off. I've consoled myself with the idea that I was only due one accident a year until now - but this is the second one this year!

I really think I've had enough of them for this lifetime.
Tags: accident, weather

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