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Finally, after several days of hard work and several nights of endless insomnia, I feel asleep early.
Only to be woken up at 2:30 AM by the sanitation department finally picking up the trash.

Insomnia Blues

It's frustrating how it takes weeks of careful winding down and judicious application of sleeping pills to fall into a normal sleep schedule, and just one night of insomnia to undo the whole thing. By all rights I should at least be sleepy now.

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Every single sleeping pill or aid that will put me out but not leave me a zombie in the morning has stopped working.

I had to be up early today, couldn't get tired last night.

I had to be up early yesterday, but first stayed out late, (totally worth it) and then still couldn't get sleepy.

Both days I spent hours on my feet, and wore myself out, but still wasn't tired.

I have to be up early tomorrow, and at 4AM on Tuesday.

Tonight I'm going to have to try the dreaded "go to bed at midnight, lie there, and pray for sleep" technique. Hopefully combined with warm milk/tea, and a shower, it'll cut the waiting to fall asleep time to less then 2 hours.
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While cleaning out my dresser and trying on pre-accident/post-accident clothing to see what fits, I found my workout sweatpants from college. They disappeared ages ago. No idea how they got to my second apartment when I haven't seen them since I still lived in my parents house.

Funny thing, they're actually slightly too big on me. I've been proud to have gotten myself down to my normal pre-accident weight over the last two years - but now I have evidence I've gotten beyond that, and am in better shape then I was in college!!

(...on the other hand, I got these sweats so I could take the Physical Conditioning class in college in the first place. So I wasn't in as good shape before hand. So I'm in better shape then I was before I learned how to work out in college?)